The Walking Dead S6 E14 Instant Cast “Twice As Far”

One thought on “The Walking Dead S6 E14 Instant Cast “Twice As Far””

  1. Hi Guys,

    I thought it was a good episode that leaded up to Carol leaving. Who knows? Morgan may go and find her. By the way the jail looks good.

    I didn’t like the parts where Eugene and Denise tried to prove themselves. Eugene was almost a goner and Denise is. I knew Abraham would follow Eugene also he knew Abraham was following him.

    I think they should have shoot more people than they did, but the story must go on.

    I think the winner was Daryl getting his bow and arrow back.
    I think the bad was they had to shot Denise to shut her up. He said he was aiming at Daryl but I didn’t believer him.

    Thanks for taking time to do this Podcast!

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