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609 “Battle of The Bastards” Game of Thrones -Recap

This was another amazing episode of Game of Thrones, “Battle of The Bastards”. We loved the Dany, Yara, Greyworm, and Tyrion scenes. We even loved the fighting scenes. However, we are disappointed in Jon falling into Ramsey’s bait. Of course our favorite part is the very sick bastard who finally met his death.

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602i Game of Thrones “Home” Instant Cast

This is the
episode we’ve all been waiting for! Game of Thrones has delivered
again, and we couldn’t be happier.

They have shown
us the past and given us a promising future all in one

Here’s our
instant thoughts on “Home”. Thanks for joining us!

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508- “Hardhome” Full Recap

This weeks episode of Game of Thrones was epic. I know that description is used a lot when it comes to this series, but there is no doubt that they earned that title. Never has the internet buzzed so much about an episode. It was very entertaining, and here we are two days later still on a high from it. With only two more episodes left in the season, we can only imagine what this show has in store for us.

Make sure to check back Sunday night for our Instant Cast.

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508i- “Hardhome” – Instant Cast

Gary and Nicole loved this episode. It was EPIC. We will record our full recap of episode 8, “Hardhome ” Tuesday night. Until then, send your thoughts, feedback, questons, and comments to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com


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507- “The Gift”- Full Recap

Gary and Nicole discuss the latest Game of Thrones series, season 5, episode 7, entitled “The Gift”. We very much enjoyed the ending of this episode, far more than we did last week. We thought the title of the episode was fitting, considering how Littefinger gave a gift to Lady Oleanna, Jorah gave a gift to Khaleesi, Sam gave a gift to Jon, and Gilly gave a gift to Sam. Let us know what you thought by sending your comments and feedback to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com

Our next Game of Thrones podcast will be Sunday night for our instant cast!

507i- “The Gift” Instant Cast

Gary and Nicole discuss their immediate thoughts on the latest Game of Thrones series, season 5 episode 7, entitled “The Gift”. We are going to get the episode out early Tuesday, so please make sure you send in your feedback by 12pm est Tuesday, to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com

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506i- Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken- Instant Cast

This week Nicole and Gary both agreed that the director redeemed himself from last week’s episode. We enjoyed the story and pace on this 6th episode from season 5 of Game of Thrones. Emotions were definitely high in the last 5 minutes of the episode, and we are really looking forward to the day that Sansa gets her revenge. Tommen totally punked out this week, and the Sand Snakes attempt at starting a war was an epic fail.

We would love to hear what you thought of this episode or the season so far, so send your feedback in to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com. You can view all of content on our website – http://theverdictsin.com . Our full recap will be up Tuesday night.

505i- Kill The Boy- Instant Cast

Gary and Nicole discuss their immediate thoughts on Game of Thrones, S5 E5- “Kill the Boy”. As always, we thought it was a solid episode, although Gary was missing some of his favorite characters. We both did agree on our dislike for Daenerys plans to marry Hizdahr. We loved seeing the dragons, and even more so, Tyrion’s reaction to when he saw one. Make sure you join us back Tuesday night for our full recap of the show, where we discuss each scene. We love and encourage listener feedback, so be sure to send an email with your thoughts on the episode or show as a whole to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com


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503- High Sparrow- full recap

Tonight Gary and I go scene by scene discussing the third episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones. We loved how Jon Snow took charge when he had a rebel in his pack. We loved that Arya did not throw Needle away. We loved that Tommen became a man. We did not love the fact that Brienne was bullied as a young girl and made to feel less than whole. We did not love the fact that Littlefinger has made an alliance with the Boltons to marry Sansa off to Ramsay. We did not love that Jorah Mormont has kidnapped Tyrion…he was coming on his own terms. Make sure to give us your feedback on facebook.com/verdictsin or on twitter @theverdictsin. Be sure to visit our website for all our content at http://theverdictsin.com. You can send feedback for our Game of Thrones podcast to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com