American Crime S2 E7 -Full Recap

Gary and Nicole discuss the latest episode of American Crime. Is Eric ok? Will Taylor go to jail for his crime? What is Sebastian’s angle, is he an online vigilante? Do you agree with Anne’s decision? Was Eri’cs dad in the wrong?

We discuss all these questions and more on this episode. We would love to get your feedback as well, so be sure to send us an email to

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One thought on “American Crime S2 E7 -Full Recap”

  1. Hi guys,

    How are you?

    Getting back to what I said Eric parents said in episode six it was Eric’s mom saying we should have gone to church more. Not they didn’t go to church anyway.

    Dr. Graham and the school attorney is so wrong, exchanging money for not testifying. That’s like dangling a carrot in a horses face. Evy family doesn’t have a lot of money her Dad even said’That’s a Lot of Money’. Evy has already told the police that she thought Taylor was raped. I’m just making it clear I was never a fan of Dr. Graham and the way she spins.

    Gary I still think that Kelvin will be held partly responsible for the team mates jumping Taylor because he did put the thought in their heads.

    I don’t know what the heck went on between Eric and his hook up (Todd). I think Todd hit him because he wouldn’t stop talking. But after that I don’t know if Todd was trying to kill him or rape him. Wow, this show is wild!

    The coaches daughter said she has some of her mom good weed. I think you’ll mushroom.

    And lastly, Taylor went to a dance class after leaving Dr Graham office that’s where he left his tablet with the names on it.

    Great, great, great!
    Until next week

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