American Crime S2 E4- Full Recap

In the latest episode of American Crime, we find out a little more information of the events that took place to leading up to the party, and one side of the story to what happened that night. However, we are now left with a “he said, he said” and have to decide which story to believe.

After listening to this episode, it is clear that Gary and Nicole have very different opinions on what happened the night of the party. We would love to hear from you as well and get your feedback, you can email us at or on, and twitter @theverdictsin

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One thought on “American Crime S2 E4- Full Recap”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Great episode lots of secrets coming to light.
    Great podcast Gary and Nicole!

    I don’t know if I believe Taylor was rape or if it just went to far and he couldn’t deal with the pics and everything online. He did ask his Mom to leave it along but what Mom do you know would just drop it. I think alcohol played a big part in it. I do think that Eric knows that he took it to hard and rough with Taylor because he told his friend to stop it he didn’t like it like that. Meaning rough I think.

    What I do know for is that Taylor’s mom’s friend or Sister, husband Nate has been raping Taylor since his Mom left him there. Look at Nate’s face when his wife ask him if he’d like to have Taylor over, it lights up. Taylor was trying to tell his Mom when they both calmed down after Evy left saying “you left me”. Also look at the set up of the house with the crosses all over the wall. I just see where the director is doing here.

    Leslie is already spinning what went on to the schools advantage. This school will be held reasonable for the Captain’s “Making the Team” party that’s been going on for years. Someone had to know about it.

    This kind of show with the same actors with different story lines each season is great. It really shows how talented they are.


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