509- “The Dance of Dragons”- Full Recap

Gary and Nicole discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode “The Dance of Dragons”. We go over our likes and dislikes, the WTF moments…and the “I saw that coming” moments. Prince Doran agreeing to let Myrcella and Trystane go back to Kings Landing with Jaime came as a surprise. We all knew Arya was not ready to be no one, and now that we see how sick Meryn Trant is, we probably dont want her to become no one just yet. We were split on Stannis, be both agreed he is a pathetic, worthless, nothing of a human being, but one one of us were surprised that he killed his own daughter, while the other was not. The biggest moment of the episode came at the end, watching Daenerys Targaryen ride her dragon out of the Great Games Pit like a boss. Her and Tyrion continue to inspire and amaze us. Not to mention, a series that shows so many woman in helpless and horirble situations, it was good to see one who is taking charge of things. 


We only have one episode left, and we are sure it will go out with a bang as it always does. Make sure you send your feeback, questions and comments to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com.

We appreicate you guys listening to us as well. We know there are 50 other GoT podcast out there, all of which have been doing it much longer than us, and we appreciate everyone of you for listening. 

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