502- The House of Black and White- Full Recap

This week Gary and Nicole discuss Game of Thrones tv series, season 5 episode 2 titled “The House of Black and White” As always we really enjoyed this episode. The storyline is moving along at a good pace, and we are getting to see a little of our favorite characters spread throughout the episode. This weeks episode title also appears to be more than just about the black and white door of the faceless mens house that Arya goes to. The story is showing us over and over that not everything is black and white. From Ellaria and Prince Doran discussing whether a country should go to war over the death of one man, whether Brienne is relieved from her sworn oath to protect the Stark girls since they have both denied her help, and whether killing one man for killing another man, who killed another man is the right thing to do. We even have John quickly pondering her personal desires to become a Stark or keeping his oath as a man of the Nights Watch. We love how the show doesnt portray one thing or one idea as either right or wrong and that there are cleary fifty shades of grey (pun intended) to morality. As always, thank you for listening and be sure to send your thoughts, comments, criticism, or feedback to watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com

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