107- “Betrayal” Full Recap

In this seventh episode of Wayward Pines, entitled “Betrayal” Ethan is tested by a group of radicals. He fails at explaining the truth to his wife and Kate. Kate and her group not only fail at their mission, they double fail, because their attempt at escape ends with two children getting severly hurt. Amy’s hot date with Ben is an total fail as well, maybe this epsiode should have been entitled Fail. Nurse Pam was back to her usual weird self, which we just arent really feeling. We can’t wait to see what happens next week.


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3 thoughts on “107- “Betrayal” Full Recap

  1. Hey guys, great podcast. I know Im behind but I just listened to this podcast today. Im up to episode 9 in the show tho.

    When Theresa was telling Ethan that Kate said not to tell him anything, she was saying “… then, Kate told me not to tell you everything (I just told you)” not “Kate told me to tell you (so Im not going to.)” Look back at it and see. Im positive. I know yall think Theresa is whack, but I dont think that was one of her whack moments. lol. I personally like her calm demeanor. I know a lot of people like that so it doesnt come off weird to me I guess.

    But great show guys, I know how hard it is to run a podcast so keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you writing in and listening to our podcast. You make a good point, she may have meant it that way….I will have to go back and watch.


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