Wayward Pines 109- “A Reckoning” Full Recap

In this latest episode of Wayward Pines, entitled, “A Reckoning”, we finally see Ethan become the type of sheriff we always wanted him to be. Ethan really stepped up to the plate this week, and told the entire town the truth. We finally get to see what is in plot 33, and it brings with it more questions. David Pilcher is the worse, however the most shocking part of the episode, was the execution style killing of four town members. This was a pretty good pre-season finale episode. we still have tons of questions, and hope they all get answered next week..


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4 thoughts on “Wayward Pines 109- “A Reckoning” Full Recap

  1. I dont think the story line for plot 33 is done. When Ethan and Kate were brought down there to see the videos, Ethan said “where do all these tunnels lead to?” I think that is going to be important in the episode tomorrow. Maybe it is how the people from the complex go back and forth between there and the town? And maybe that is how the towns people are going to escape the Abbies and get into the complex to confront David Pilcher. Just a guess.

    Also, the recon tapes where confusing. I dont think Hassler was saying there where other communities out there, I think he was saying he was meeting back up with his search group across the bay. The other tapes were from other search groups that were sent out from Wayward pines. I dont think they actually found any other people, but we will find out in the next episode I guess.

    1. Good theory on plot 33….that would make more sense, than it just being down there to store those tapes. I do hope it is more than that.

      I hope we get to see that some groups survived, whether they came from Wayward Pines or are natives.

        1. Thank you…listening to you now…Your episode from June 20th. I love the fact that you guys talk about real life events. I eventually want to roll out a podcast just discussing events/social issues that go on in current times. Keep up the great work. I will be sure to leave you guys a review.


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