Watch the Throne 501- “The Wars to Come”

This week Gary and I are recaping Game of Thrones season 5, episode 1, titles “The Wars to Come” It has been a very long night. We started our recording tonight at 8pm est and we called ourselves trying to be professional, by adding music to the beginning of our cast. So here we are at 2am and I have just now finished editing and adding the music. Something that would take a pro 10minutes, took me almost 5 hours….Im sure every podcaster has experienced this headache atleast once, right?

We went from scene to scene discussing what we thought, which ranged from the unsullied and their mommy issues, punk kids, backstabbers, weird small talk, and who we cant wait to see die. I can prmise you this episode I do not have as many “anywhos” as I did in our instant cast…I think it has been narowed down to 3, maybe 4.

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