Walking Dead Trailer- Season 6: Is The Group Trying To Kill Rick?

The first full trailer for The Walking Dead season 6 was recently released at San Diego Comic Con. The trailer starts off with our leader, Rick Grimes running. He has clearly been fighting, since he is covered in blood and appears to be very upset. Last season we saw Rick lose control. He tried telling the people of the Alexandria Safe House, that things are bad on the outside. But the way he went about it was all wrong, so nobody listened to him until things got bad. After looking at this new trailer, it is clear that the people of Alexandria still do not trust Rick, and do not feel safe around him. It even seems like there may be some type of conspiracy to over throw him, possibly even kill him.

We look forward to covering this new season of the Walking Dead, along with its spin off Fear The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead returns this fall to AMC on Sunday October 11th.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think!

4 thoughts on “Walking Dead Trailer- Season 6: Is The Group Trying To Kill Rick?”

    1. I hope so. It seemed like they were scared of him, and when people are scared and backed into a corner, they react.

  1. There is no way possible that everyone that’s in the main group is going to turn on Rick granted the others and Morgan or a different story they all seem to be a a little delusional about what’s going on and how to survive

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