The Walking Dead S7 E1 Instant Cast

Gary and Nicole gives their instant thoughts on tonight’s episode.

The EENY MEENY MINY MO didn’t end how we expected. No one could have predicted this outcome.

It is a sad night in the zombie apocalypse.

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One thought on “The Walking Dead S7 E1 Instant Cast”

  1. Sup Gary and Nicole?

    Now we know how the other groups felt after our group killed so many people last season.

    Dam! They threw a curveball and gave us 2 deaths….Neegan was right to kill Abe cause he would fuck things up more than any other member. I figurged it would be Abe or Sasha but Glenn?? Plot armor has run dry. 3 strikes you’re out son! Yes it was gruesome how they both got it. Him saying “I’ll find you” to Maggie….heartbreaking.

    Neegan took the time out to take Rick on a ride to break his spirit and that he did. If Rick woulda played it cool instead of saying “I’m gonna kill you” multiple times; Daryl would not have had his outburst and Glenn would still be alive. Also they coulda flew under the radar until,they could strike.

    I like the calculated coolness Neegan has. Dam this dude is good! So many one liners! Too good! He’s gonna replace Abe now. How do we pick up the pieces? The entire group is wrecked!

    Ain’t Fearing shit
    Abe- dude went out hard as Fuck! I guarantee you no one else could talk shit after a hit like that.

    Close 2nd was Carl. If my arms getting cut off I’m screaming like a lil Beeeotch! Lol real talk.

    3rd is Glenn. They already gave us his send off last season with the dumpster gate. He took an eye popping shot and suffered while Neegan taunted him and gave a salililoque.

    This season is going to be EPIC!

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