The Walking Dead- Instant Cast S6 E9 “No Way Out”

The Walking Dead is back!!!!We loved the mid season premiere, and can only hope that the rest of the season continues to entertain us. So much happened, and we cant wait to discuss our favorite moments of the episode on our full recap.

We tape our full podcast Monday night, and it releases Tuesday night. We love to hear what you guys thought of the episode, so be sure to send your feedback in to

Thank you for listening!

One thought on “The Walking Dead- Instant Cast S6 E9 “No Way Out””

  1. Hi Guys,
    I’m so glad you guy’s are doing this podcast.

    Gary I agree with you Glen has 9 lives. Ok, I ain’t fearing nothing!

    I thing Pastor Gabrielle just realize that the problem with the Zombies isn’t going to stop unless he help himself with the strength that God has given him.

    I was told the comic book said that Carl was going to loose his eye.

    I think Michonne loves her family, Rick and Carl.

    Sasha, Daryl and Abraham are just bad to the bone. They saved that day.

    I was really surprised to see the whole family leave the show. I thought maybe the little boy because he wouldn’t stop saying mom. Also her oldest son, because he had so much hate in his heart for Rick and Carl.

    Nicole that was so funny about Eugene!

    Loved it!

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