The Walking Dead 710 “New Best Friends” Instant Cast

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead 710 “New Best Friends” Instant Cast

  1. Nicole, I think Benjamin will be around for a while because he’s just learning. It’s going to be interesting to see how they have him grow.

    I knew Daryl was going to find Carol when he was told to stay at the Kingdom. What other reason would they leave him there he was always good taking care of himself. I wonder why they showed Daryl buttering up to the lion. Is something going to happen to Ezekiel then Daryl gets the lion.

    Nicole it startled me to when the rope was thrown down to Rick from the Scavenges. I didn’t know what was happening.

    Gary you’re right about the wall I think the Scavenges could have done much better. Maybe it was meant to be built with soft things so Rick wouldn’t have any weapons to fight with. They did call the walker that fought Rick by name I guest he was someone they knew.

    Morgan will get his stick back like Daryl got his bow back like Michonne always gets her sword back. Like you guys said it’s a part of their costume.

    Carol is bad because she has three men to choose from Ezekiel, Morgan or Daryl which will Carol choose?

    1. Great feedback! We hope Benjamin stays with us for awhile, but the odds are against him. We missed this feedback for the full recap, but will discuss on the next podcast. Thanks for writing in.

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