The Walking Dead 709 “Rock In The Road” Instant Cast

The Walking Dead is back and Rick’s group is on the move. We are looking forward to the second half of this season. If you would like to send your feedback, hit us

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One thought on “The Walking Dead 709 “Rock In The Road” Instant Cast”

  1. Hi Gary and Nicole,

    I’m glad the walking dead is back. Also, i’m glad they took it easy on us in this mid season eposides. I wasn’t sure if i would watch it again after Negan beat down Glen and Abraham like ground beef.

    Rosita is just mad at Sasha because she knew Abraham loved her at the end. She’ll get over it.

    Rick and Michonne is just like an old married couple now they do everything in sync. Did you see the way they looked at Morgan when he told Ezekiel” if we can find another way.” Plus, the way they started the cars and slice the walkers in half in sync.

    Someone was in the car with Gabriel also he had that notebook in his bible that told them to go to the boat. Rick smiled like he knew the person with the mask on his face. I could be wrong but Gabriel did tell Rosita that they have to wait until the time is right to strike.

    Thanks guys!

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