The Walking Dead 705 “Go Getters” Instant Cast

Nicole and Gary’s instant thoughts on S7.E5 “Go Getters”.

We’re back at the Hilltop with Jesus, Maggie and Sasha.

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One thought on “The Walking Dead 705 “Go Getters” Instant Cast”

  1. I enjoy your podcast. I most enjoy how you explore the philosophies of the characters.
    I hope to add to the discussion.

    This episodes finish things that were started in seasons past. Glenn and Abraham left Rick heading for Washington. Maggie and Sasha linked up then.
    Rick isn’t broken. He had no choice to stop Negan from “trying” to break him. Rick was becoming like Negan when they found Alexandria. He wants Negan’s spot, he needs more Intel. Negan could be a subordinate. That was the purpose of the video being shown. (That was to remind us.) Michonne wants to snipe Negan.
    Carl is special. He was a second grader when the apocalypse happened. He has killed, had sex and see his mother give birth. (Then he shot her dead body in the head) He has no fear. This world is normal and he’s sees a future in it.

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