One thought on “The People vs. OJ. Simpson E7 -Full Recap”

  1. Hi guys,

    I think their showing that Robert Shapiro never believed in his client at all. Robert Shapiro seem so sensitive about everything and everybody. He’s all over the place.

    I didn’t think they would find anything in the bag not that I think o. j. is innocent but I feel he would get rid of it some where else. I really don’t think that anyone really believed him because the evidence was so good.

    If you guys remember from the beginning they wanted F. Lee Bailey on their staff because he was going to analyze the hearing for a news channel.

    When F. Lee Bailey said to create a circus it takes away from the facts and put other thoughts into the Juriers head.

    Since Nicole neck was almost decapitated the drug people calls it a necktie.

    I think the leather gloves wouldn’t fit correctly with latex gloves underneath. Plus if the gloves had blood on them it could have gotten cramped over the months or year.

    I saw Marcia Clark on The View last week and they asked her about the romance and she said she’d never tell.

    The set ups among black has always happen. It’s just video camera now.

    As with Johnny girlfriend she knew he had a wife and was with him anyway. He was a big attorney, i’m sure she looked him up. They paid the wife and girlfriend to tell the dirt to shake Johnny up. He looked like he could have killed them through the tv set. I believe he was an abuser but like her told the reports it’s not about him.


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