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209 “Million Bucks In A Bag” Ballers Recap

Another great episode of Ballers. In the penultimate, “Million Bucks In A Bag” we see Ricky and has dad consider his chances of making it into the Hall of Fame if he chooses the right team. Charles’ new job is causing stress at home, as Julie is doing everything on her own. Vernon makes a horrible investment, and Spencer is thee one who brought him in to do it. We look forward to the season finale and what is in store for these ballers.

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201 “Face Of The Franchise” Ballers

We are excited for this new season of Ballers.  In the season two premiere, “Face of The Franchise”, we were re-introduced to all the key players. The episode was entertaining, and we cant wait to see Spencer take down Andre, as long as he does not take himself down. In addition to a new baby, we see Charles i going to be experiencing some new changes as well in his career. Ricky is on a path of destruction, hopefully he get the new contract he is looking for and doesn’t self destruct.

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Ballers 110- “Flamingos” Full Recap

In the season finale of Ballers, everything is everything. Spence and Joe get to stay with Anderson, and even some new perks. Charles has more than just a bundle of joy to celebrate. Ricky has finally come to peace, and Vernon gets to say “I’m rich bitch”. We enjoyed the season finale. Although, everything was a little too perfect for us. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for season two.


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Ballers 109- “Head On” Full Recap

In the ninth episode of Ballers, entitled, “Head On”, we finally see Spencer face his nightmares head on, and make amends. Charles returning to football is not going to be as easy as he thought, but at least he has a baby on the way. Bella is still not giving Ricky any play, and Vernon has finally opened his eyes to the type of person Reggie is. We only have one more episode left and cant wait to see how they end their first season.


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Ballers 105- “Machete Charge” Full Recap

We are half way through the first season of the new HBO series Ballers, and the latest episode, entitled, “Machete Charge” was another success. This week we saw some of the obstacles or trials that ballers have to go through, such as getting blackmailed or turning down groupies. We finally get to see a rivalry come to an end, with the help of Uncle Frank, and Ricky seems to be growing up.


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