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Empire 315 “Civil Hands Unclean” Recap

“Civil Hands Unclean” was a great episode! It was full of emotions. We finally see the Lyon’s put their differences aside and decide to work together as a family. Now that Bella was taken by Child Protective Services, we will see how long the Lyon unity last. The question on everyone’s mind is WHO had Bella taken?? 

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Empire 311 “Play On” Recap

Nicole and Gary recap Empire 311,  “Play On”. Andre’s plan to murder his father continues as he makes a new alliance. Hakeem wants Tiana to get to know Bella more. Angelo is back in the arms of Cookie, and Anika is back in the arms of Lucious…until she has to leave. Jamal has a new boo, but what does this mean for D-Major?

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Empire 305 “One Before Another” Recap

We discuss the latest episode of Empire, “One Before Another”. We see Jamal and Hakeem collaborate on a song together, which quickly goes astray. Lucious is still up to his Lucious ways. Cookie an Angelo get closer. Becky is on the edge of leaving Empire, and Tiana is finally given some good music, but it is quickly taken away.

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Empire 301 “Light In Darkness” Instant Cast

Empire is back and it deserves a standing ovation!

Nicole and Gary give their instant thoughts of the 1st episode of the 3rd season.

The music was great, the story line was great, and the acting was spectacular!

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