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Fear 104- “Not Fade Away” Recap

Gary and Nicole discuss their likes and dislikes on the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead, entitled, “Not Fade Away”. We are starting to get disappointed with the show, but we have not given up. The last five seconds of the episode may have given us hope, but we shall see how these last two episodes hold up.

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Empire 112- “Who I Am” Recap

We loved Empire’s season one finale. There were so many highs in this episode, Jamal winning the Empire, and his sort of rap battle. We also loved the other gifts that Hakeem and Andre were rewarded with. Lucious is finally being brought to justice. Cookie and Anika went head to head. We cant wait to see where the characters go next in season two. 

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Empire 111- “Die But Once” Recap

Gary and Nicole have made it to the end of Season one of Empire. We enjoyed this episode very much, and all the OMG and jaw dropping moments. We both agreed there were some things that the characters did, that were completely different than from how they were originally portrayed, but that’s tv for you. Some of the high moments were Hakeem’s diss song and Jamal getting all the love he deserves.

We only have one epsiode left and on to season two. 

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Empire 109- “Unto The Breach” Recap

This was an excellent episode. Anika has walked away from the Lyon’s, and into the enemies den. Andre has had a major breakdown, and is now in a 48 hour hold. Jamal is making great moves for the good of the company, and Cookie has offered her cookies to Malcolm. 

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Empire 105- “Dangerous Bonds” Recap

Drama is heating up in the fifth episode of Empire, entitled “Dangerous Bonds”. We see two brothers bump heads, while the other has been plotting against the both of them. Lucious has put a ring on it, while Cookie is stepping into the dark side.

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