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401 “Noble Memory” Empire Recap

Empire is back and we couldn’t be any more excited. Lucious still does not have his memory. Cookie is still selfish. Hakeem is still a brat. Andre is still trying to sit on the throne. Jamal is still in his feelings.

We look forward to the season and cant wait to discuss each episode.

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Rectify 404 “Go Ask Roger” Recap

In the final season of Rectify, episode four, “Go Ask Roger”, we see Daniel and Chloe grow even closer. She even convinces him to try pistahio gelato for the first time. Amantha and Billy take their relationship to the new level. Janet is offered a large amount on her store, but will she take it? John digs deeper into the night Hanna was killed.

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Rectify 403 “Bob & Carol & Ted Jr. & Alice” Review

Another beautiful episode on Rectify. Daniel is getting along with his roomies, and may even have started a relationship with a beautiful woman. John is still hunting for the truth. Jared is planning his escape route. Amantha has gone on a date with an unlikely match. Tawney is coming to the realization that her relationship is over. Janet, Ted Sr. and Ted Jr. all have a big decision to make.

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Rectify 401 “A House Divided” Review

The final season of Rectify has begun. The season premieres with Daniel living his life in a new half way home and working in a warehouse.

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