Orange Is The New Black 308- “Fear, and Other Smells” Full Recap

July 13, 2015

In episode 308 on Orange Is The New Black, entitled, “Fear, and Other Smells”, we get to see more of Alex’s background and more of what she has been through. We also see that she has a valid reason to be paranoid. Daya has a heart, and it took guts to tell the truth. Norma’s […]

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Orange Is The New Black 307- “Tongue Tied” Full Recap

July 11, 2015

In episode 307 entitled, “Tongue Tied”, we gt to see Norma’s backstory. It was very interesting to see the life she led and the crime she committed that possibly led her to Litchfield prison. Gloria has a major breakdown, which ends up working out in Reds favor. Daya tried for the millionth time to have […]

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