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OITNB- 312 “Don’t Make Me Come Back There” Full Recap

Although this was an Aleida flashback episode, we saw more than just her story. A new life was brought into the world, another life may be gone. Taystee realizes she is in charge, and Tiffany does not have rage in her.

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Orange Is The New Black 310- “A Tittin And A Hairin” Full Recap

Here we are at the end of the third season, and the show has definitely taken a turn of some sorts. In the tenth episode of season three, “A Tittin and a Hairin” we get Doggetts backstory. It was almost like she never had a chance based on the horrible advice her mother gave her. Sophia and Gloria got physical, and I don’t think we have seen the end of it. Alex’s stalker is delusional. Piper has cheated in another relationship. Suzanne is more innocent than we knew, and Morello is still ruining Christopher’s life from behind bars.


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Orange Is The New Black 309- Where My Dreidel At?” Full Recap

In episode 309 on Orange Is The New Black, entitled, “Where My Dreidel At?” the inmates’ ideology and religion knowledge is put to a test. On the other hand, Piper’s smelly panties business is booming, they are even able to mark up the prices more. We get Leanne’s back story. We would have never guessed her background and the life she had previously lead. Pennsatucky and Officer Coates grow a little closer, and it doesn’t appear to be going in the direction Pennsatucky had in mind. Norma’s group is still going strong; however, they need to come up with a name. We really enjoyed this episode, and look forward to finishing up the season as soon as we can.

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Orange Is The New Black 308- “Fear, and Other Smells” Full Recap

In episode 308 on Orange Is The New Black, entitled, “Fear, and Other Smells”, we get to see more of Alex’s background and more of what she has been through. We also see that she has a valid reason to be paranoid. Daya has a heart, and it took guts to tell the truth. Norma’s group has a new member, and Suzanne’s book was a hit throughout the prison….and although he says he’s not the warden, he really is the warden.


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Orange Is The New Black 307- “Tongue Tied” Full Recap

In episode 307 entitled, “Tongue Tied”, we gt to see Norma’s backstory. It was very interesting to see the life she led and the crime she committed that possibly led her to Litchfield prison. Gloria has a major breakdown, which ends up working out in Reds favor. Daya tried for the millionth time to have a heart to heart with her mother. Piper has come up with a new business plan since she is no longer selling soap, and the new prison officer is clearly way over his head. This was another good episode, although we did have a problem with the events that took place in the kitchen.


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Orange is The New Black Podcast- Season 3

We are excited to announce that Orange Is The New Black will be our newest addition to the shows we cover. The third season will premiere with 14 new episodes available to binge watch on Friday June 12th on Netflix. Over the next two weeks Gary and I will release season 1 and 2 recap as well as a series of short podcast on some of our favorite characters. We were hoping to have full coverage of season 1 and 2, but with season 3 just a few weeks away, we will have to start our full coverage with season 3. We will release two episodes every Saturday evening, and you can send all feedback, comments and questions to orange@theverdictsin.com. When sending your emails in, please label which episode you are discussing in the subject line. We are big fans of this show and look forward to discussing this amazing show with you all. In the mean time, you can watch the trailer for Orange Is The New Black below .