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608 “No One” Game of Thrones -Recap

A girl is not no one, a girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell! We loved this weeks episode of Game of Thrones, “No One”. We saw Arya finish her training as a faceless man, and remember who she is. The Hound was able to get his revenge, and even made had a meal with an old foe. Tommen has completely gone to the dark side. Jaime and Brienne had a sweet reunion. And is the Blackfish really dead?

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608i “No One” Instant Cast- Game of Thrones

This was another great episode. There were some things we did not like, such as not seeing Arya and FA (Waife) fight, or The Blackfish fight the Lannisters. On the other hand, we did appreciate seeing The Hound get revenge, and Arya say her name. 

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