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Empire 208 “My Bad Parts” Full Recap

November 22, 2015

Alright, alright, alright….this was a good episode. Empire brought their A-game. The Freda/ Hakeem battle was epic. Freda is a beast and she should have been crowned the champion, but we will leave that to Kanye to still someones shine. We are starting to question a few things, such as Rhonda’s pregnancy, the deal that […]

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Empire 205 “Be True” Recap

October 23, 2015

Gary and Nicole recap the latest episode of Empire, “Be True”.   We would love to hear from you, hit us up at Thank you for listening!

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Empire 201- “The Devils Are Here” Full Recap

September 25, 2015

Gary and Nicole discuss the season two premiere of Empire. We jump forward three months after the season finale. Lucious Lyon is still king of the jungle. Cookie is still trying to work her magic and do what she feels is best for her children. However, Jamal is turning into Lucious junior. We hope this […]

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Empire 112- “Who I Am” Recap

September 21, 2015

We loved Empire’s season one finale. There were so many highs in this episode, Jamal winning the Empire, and his sort of rap battle. We also loved the other gifts that Hakeem and Andre were rewarded with. Lucious is finally being brought to justice. Cookie and Anika went head to head. We cant wait to […]

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Empire 108- “The Lyon’s Roar” Recap

September 12, 2015

 In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight….this was another powerful episode. We are just loving it. Hakeem lets go of his mommy issues. Jamal makes a big announcement, and Andres sneakiness has hit and all time low. We look forward to discussing the last four episodes before the new season begins. Thank […]

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Empire 107- “Our Dancing Days” Recap

September 9, 2015

In this seventh episode of Empire, entitled “Our Dancing Days” which should have been called “The Panties Come Off”, we get some hot love making from two of our favorite Lyons. An Empire artist is betrayed. One of the Lyon brothers has a major break down, and Lucious finally tells his family his secret. We […]

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