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213 “Date of Death” Instant Cast- Fear The Walking Dead

This is our instant thoughts of Fear episode 213,”Date of Death”.

The show was amazing, it keeps getting better by the week!

Chris is a young Darth Vader in the making. We are watching him evolve right before our eyes.

Madison finally tells Alicia the truth about her father and it’s darker than we could have imagined.

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607i “The Broken Man” Instant Cast- Game of Thrones

We enjoyed this weeks episode of Game of Thrones, “The Broken Man”. We will record our full recap Monday or Tuesday night, we would love to hear your feedback on the episode. Be sure to hit us up at watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com¬†or twitter @theverdictsin or facebook.com/verdictsin

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605 Instant Cast -The Walking Dead “Always Accountable”

Here is a quick instant cast of tonight’s episode. We will be back with our full recap Saturday.


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FTWD 106 Instant Cast “The Good Man”

Gary and Nicole have a quick conversation of their immediate thoughts of the first season finale of Fear The Walking Dead.

We will release our full recap of the episode Tuesday. We would love to hear what you thought, you can send your feedback in to dead@theverdictsin.com, twitter @theverdictsin, or facebook.com/verdictsin

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