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Empire 308 “The Unkindest Cut” Recap

Gary and Nicole give their thoughts on S3. E8 “The Unkindest Cut”.

Andre and Nessa are the new Bonnie and Clyde of Empire.

Jamal is going at Lucious once again with a diss record, but Lucious gives Jamal a taste of his own medicine. He lets everyone know the real deal behind Frank Gathers’ murder!

Hakeem is back on team Tiana. I guess he need a quick rebound!

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Empire 304- “Cupid Kills” Recap

On the latest episode of Empire, “Cupid Kills” we see Andre is starting to come back to his old self. He even manages to sign a new client. Jamal is still having trouble with his ptsd. Tiana clapsback at Hakeem, and Cookie and Angelo become closer.

We will be back after the world series. 

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Preview/Predictions

We are looking forward to the new season of Wayward Pines. Although not all of our beloved characters are returning, we have many who are. In addition to familiar faces, we can expect to see several new faces this season as well. Sine we did learn the truth last year, we have no idea where things will go this season, but we hope you will join us along the way. We would love to hear and discuss your feedback on the show, hit us up- waywardpines@theverdictsin.com

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Empire S2 E12 “A Rose By Any Other Name” Recap

Gary and Nicole discuss the latest episode of Empire, “A Rose By Any Other Name”. We would love to hear your feedback on the show, hit us up- empire@theverdictsin.com

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Empire 203- “Fires of Heaven” Full Recap

We recap the latest episode of Empire, “Fires of Heaven”. The music on this episode was hot! Hakeem really brought his “A” game. Lucious gives his family an ultimatum. Andre and Jamal are both longing for Lucious’ attention. Cookie whips Hakem’s girl group into tip top shape, but that wasn’t enough to keep them. We are also very suspicious of Thirsty, and think he cant be trusted.

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Empire 110- “Sins of The Father” Recap

Here we are at episode ten, “Sins of The Father”, which was entitled very appropriately. The oldest Lyon brother is going through a very difficult time, luckily he has a wife who has his back. Jamal steps up to be a better father, but is he really Lola’s dad? Hakeem performs new music, but loses his girlfriend before the night is over.  Lucious is finally shot down by Cookie, and she has moved on to another.

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Empire 107- “Our Dancing Days” Recap

In this seventh episode of Empire, entitled “Our Dancing Days” which should have been called “The Panties Come Off”, we get some hot love making from two of our favorite Lyons. An Empire artist is betrayed. One of the Lyon brothers has a major break down, and Lucious finally tells his family his secret.

We only have five more episode and two more weeks before the all new season begins.

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Empire 105- “Dangerous Bonds” Recap

Drama is heating up in the fifth episode of Empire, entitled “Dangerous Bonds”. We see two brothers bump heads, while the other has been plotting against the both of them. Lucious has put a ring on it, while Cookie is stepping into the dark side.

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Empire- 104 “False Imposition” Recap

In the fourth episode of Empire, entitled “False Imposition” we see more into Lucious’ past and how sometimes its hard to get away from your past lifestyle. Hakeem and Jamal are both trying to find their voice. Cookie goes undercover to get Empire a hot artist, and Becky had a close call with death.

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Empire 103- “The Devil Quotes Scripture”

In the third episode of Empire, “The Devil Quotes Scripture”, we get see more flashbacks of Lucious and Cookie’s life before she went to prison. Jamal graces us with another song. Hakeem is dating an older woman, and Andre goes the extra mile to get information for his father.


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