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804 “Some Guy” Instant Cast- The Walking Dead

Here is our quick instant cast on our thoughts of the 804 “Some Guy”. We will be back Tuesday with a full recap.

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Rectify 404 “Go Ask Roger” Recap

In the final season of Rectify, episode four, “Go Ask Roger”, we see Daniel and Chloe grow even closer. She even convinces him to try pistahio gelato for the first time. Amantha and Billy take their relationship to the new level. Janet is offered a large amount on her store, but will she take it? John digs deeper into the night Hanna was killed.

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604i Game of Thrones “Book of The Stranger” Instant Cast

Another great episode of Game of Thrones. Although we were disappointed in some of our favorite characters actions, we were proud of the ones that stood up to fight the great fight. The Mother of dragons is back. We will be back Tuesday night with our full recap and would love to hear from you- watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com

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Empire 204 “Poor Yorick” Full Recap

Gary and Nicole recap the latest episode of Empire, entitled “Poor Yorick. The music was hot once again. There was some over the top scenes once again, but thats come to be expected now.


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Fear 104- “Not Fade Away” Recap

Gary and Nicole discuss their likes and dislikes on the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead, entitled, “Not Fade Away”. We are starting to get disappointed with the show, but we have not given up. The last five seconds of the episode may have given us hope, but we shall see how these last two episodes hold up.

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