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701 “Dragonstone” Game of Thrones Recap

“Tell them winter came for House Frey” – Arya Stark

701 “DRAGONSTONE” was a great start to season 7. This is what we have been waiting for! They could have ended the episode after Arya’s scene and we would have been satisfied. The rest off the show was just icing on the cake!!!

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701i “Dragonstone” Instant Cast- Game Of Thrones

What an amazing first episode of season seven! The Stark family once again runs the north and The Mother of Dragons is coming full force to take it all. Arya think she is ready to take on the Queen of the Iron Throne, but only time will tell.

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505- “Kill the Boy”- Full Recap

Tonight Gary and Nicole go scene by scene to discuss the HBO Game of Thrones series, season 5, episode 5, titled “Kill the Boy”. We both enjoyed seeing what people with full greyscale act and look like, and how much of a threat they pose. We enjoyed seeing Tyrion’s reaction to witnessing Drogon first hand. We did not enjoy the directing in this episode, to where Gary actually listed this as his least favorite GoT episode. Let us know what you thought of this episode either in the comments section beow, or you can send us an email -watchthethrone@theverdictsin.com