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Ballers 109- “Head On” Full Recap

In the ninth episode of Ballers, entitled, “Head On”, we finally see Spencer face his nightmares head on, and make amends. Charles returning to football is not going to be as easy as he thought, but at least he has a baby on the way. Bella is still not giving Ricky any play, and Vernon has finally opened his eyes to the type of person Reggie is. We only have one more episode left and cant wait to see how they end their first season.


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Ballers 108- “Gaslighting” Full Recap

In the eighth episode of the new HBO series, Ballers, entitled “Gaslighting”, Ricky presented a $400k ring to Bella and she told him, “We are never ever getting back together”….wait, wrong T.Swift song. One of our favorite scenes this week was Spencer singing “Shake It Off”.  Spencer finally had a sit down with the woman he gaslighted a few years back. He handled himself pretty well, which is more than we can say for how he is handling his addiction problem. After pushing a monster pick up truck and SUV all on his own, Charles is feeling himself, and the perfect opportunity may have just came his way. Joe is also feeling himself, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make his dreams a reality. This was another great episode, we are liking the Jerry Maguire road it looks like they are headed down, and cant wait to see these last two episodes.

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Ballers 107- “Ends” Full Recap

We are almost at the end of the first season of the new HBO series, Ballers. In this latest episode entitled, “Ends”, we see several of the characters getting to the end of the road. Whether it is Ricky in his relationship with Bella. Charles, finally to the end of his denial about no longer playing ball, Spencer putting Rods death to an end, or Vernon’s career possibly coming to an end. We also get to see more of Jason’s backstory. We meet his lovely mom and her baby of a boyfriend.

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Ballers 106- “Everything Is Everything” Full Recap

In this weeks episode of Ballers, entitled, “Everything Is Everything”, we get to see another side of Ricky. In our opinion, it looks like the person he is most of afraid of becoming, is exactly who he is. Charles lives the single life for twenty four hours, but quickly realizes he is not about that life. Spencer finally gets his MRI. Joe negotiates Vernon’s blackmail settlement down, and Reggie blames Spencer for the blackmail happening in the first place. Although we liked this episode the least out of the season so far, it was still entertaining.

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Ballers 105- “Machete Charge” Full Recap

We are half way through the first season of the new HBO series Ballers, and the latest episode, entitled, “Machete Charge” was another success. This week we saw some of the obstacles or trials that ballers have to go through, such as getting blackmailed or turning down groupies. We finally get to see a rivalry come to an end, with the help of Uncle Frank, and Ricky seems to be growing up.


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