310 “Yay Area” Ballers Recap

September 27, 2017

We enjoyed discussing the season finale of Ballers. Spencer ends up getting almost everything he wants. Ricky and Charles starts a new journey in their life and career. Reggie will be on top next season, and we look forward to season four.

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309 “Crackback” Ballers Recap

September 24, 2017

Another great episode of Ballers! Should Spencer merge with his competition? Is Charles leaving a good idea? Did Ricky make the righ decision? We are hoping all these questions will get answered on the season finale. Hit up with your feedback- Thank you for listening!

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308 “Ally-Oops” Ballers Recap

September 13, 2017

Charles is learning to make career moves for himself. Ricky has been misdiagnosed, but its only because he hasn’t told anyone the truth. Spencer and Joe’s employees hate them once they are told about ASM’s future. Spencer is also now trying to get Chloe pregnant, and we think she may be on board. Only 2 […]

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307 “Ricky-Leaks” Ballers Recap

September 12, 2017

Could the NFL be behind Ricky’s leaked video? Either way, Ricky is not feeling Spencer and Spencer is not feeling ASM anymore. Charles and his beautiful wife are on different pages. He wants to know why Ricky is calling his wife, but she can’t reveal the information; patient-client-courtesy. We would love to hear your feedback, […]

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306 “I Hate New York” Ballers Recap

September 10, 2017

We are happy to see that Ricky finally takes himself to get checked out. Although nothing is decided yet, we think he may have played his last game in the NFL. Charles is not feeling Mr. Siefert or the decisions he is making and may take his talents elsewhere. Spencer and Joe meet the CEO […]

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305 “Make Believe” Ballers Recap

September 10, 2017

The Las Vegas deal is progressing, and Wayne is thrilled with the group Spencer put together to see this through. Candace is trying to make Spencer’s life a living hell. She warned him not to make an enemy of the NFL. Vernon is a casualty in this Vegas deal and might suffer a 4-game suspension. […]

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304 “Ride and Die” Ballers Recap

August 21, 2017

We recap Ballers “Ride and Die”. Charles speaks up at work, but that may not be the way to get his point across. Spencer and Joe go hard to keep Vernon employed and move forward with the Las Vegas deal. Ricky is having trouble in his love life, although that is probably the least of […]

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303 “In The Teeth” Ballers Recap

August 12, 2017

It seems the NFL doesn’t want a team in Vegas. Spencer may be in over his head. Reggie takes Joe into the world of cannabis, and Joe forgot the mission at hand! I don’t think Spencer will be to happy Joe couldn’t get Vernon out of the business of pot. We are loving this season […]

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302 “Bull Rush” Ballers Recap

July 31, 2017

While Spencer may be on a winning streak, Ricky is on a loosing streak. We questions Reggie’s intentions for Vernon. He may be a good friend, but he is not the friend that Vernon needs. We are loving this season and would love to hear your feedback, hit us up- ballers@theverdictsin.comĀ and check out our website […]

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301 “Seeds of Expansion” Ballers Recap

July 25, 2017

We are happy to be back covering the 3rd season of Ballers. We enjoyed the premiere and cant wait to see where these ballers go this year. We would love to hear your feedback, hit us up Thank you for listening!

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