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201 “Enemy Lines” Wayward Pines -Full Recap

We enjoyed the season premiere of Wayward Pines, “Enemy Lines”. Although we know a lot more going in than we did last season, we still have questions. Why are they still doing reckonings? Why did Kate kill herself? How long has Rebecca been awake? Is Megan Fisher really in charge?

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Wayward Pines Season 2 Preview/Predictions

We are looking forward to the new season of Wayward Pines. Although not all of our beloved characters are returning, we have many who are. In addition to familiar faces, we can expect to see several new faces this season as well. Sine we did learn the truth last year, we have no idea where things will go this season, but we hope you will join us along the way. We would love to hear and discuss your feedback on the show, hit us up- waywardpines@theverdictsin.com

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Wayward Pines 110- “Cycle” Full Recap

This was one crazy series finale. Wayward Pines went out with a bang this past Thursday in the tenth episode entitled, “Cycle”. We saw some characters we love die, some we didn’t love die, and we saw the one we love the most go out in a very brave way. The episode was non stop action, and we really enjoyed it. We still have some questions that went left unanswered, but overall we are very satisfied with the season. 

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Wayward Pines 108- “The Friendliest Place On Earth” Full Recap

Wayward Pines is “The Friendliest Place on Earth”. With only two episodes left in the season, we thought they could have did a little more in this episode. We enjoyed seeing Theresa tell off Megan and getting an up close look at abbies, but we did notice some inconsistencies. We hope to get more questions answered over the next two weeks, and we look forward to seeing how they wrap the series up.


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