Orange Is The New Black 309- Where My Dreidel At?” Full Recap

August 7, 2015

In episode 309 on Orange Is The New Black, entitled, “Where My Dreidel At?” the inmates’ ideology and religion knowledge is put to a test. On the other hand, Piper’s smelly panties business is booming, they are even able to mark up the prices more. We get Leanne’s back story. We would have never guessed […]

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Ballers 107- “Ends” Full Recap

August 3, 2015

We are almost at the end of the first season of the new HBO series, Ballers. In this latest episode entitled, “Ends”, we see several of the characters getting to the end of the road. Whether it is Ricky in his relationship with Bella. Charles, finally to the end of his denial about no longer […]

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Ballers 106- “Everything Is Everything” Full Recap

July 27, 2015

In this weeks episode of Ballers, entitled, “Everything Is Everything”, we get to see another side of Ricky. In our opinion, it looks like the person he is most of afraid of becoming, is exactly who he is. Charles lives the single life for twenty four hours, but quickly realizes he is not about that […]

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Wayward Pines 110- “Cycle” Full Recap

July 25, 2015

This was one crazy series finale. Wayward Pines went out with a bang this past Thursday in the tenth episode entitled, “Cycle”. We saw some characters we love die, some we didn’t love die, and we saw the one we love the most go out in a very brave way. The episode was non stop […]

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Ballers 105- “Machete Charge” Full Recap

July 22, 2015

We are half way through the first season of the new HBO series Ballers, and the latest episode, entitled, “Machete Charge” was another success. This week we saw some of the obstacles or trials that ballers have to go through, such as getting blackmailed or turning down groupies. We finally get to see a rivalry […]

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Wayward Pines 109- “A Reckoning” Full Recap

July 18, 2015

In this latest episode of Wayward Pines, entitled, “A Reckoning”, we finally see Ethan become the type of sheriff we always wanted him to be. Ethan really stepped up to the plate this week, and told the entire town the truth. We finally get to see what is in plot 33, and it brings with […]

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Walking Dead Trailer- Season 6: Is The Group Trying To Kill Rick?

July 16, 2015

The first full trailer for The Walking Dead season 6 was recently released at San Diego Comic Con. The trailer starts off with our leader, Rick Grimes running. He has clearly been fighting, since he is covered in blood and appears to be very upset. Last season we saw Rick lose control. He tried telling […]

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Ballers 104- “Heads Will Roll” Full Recap

July 14, 2015

In this weeks episode of Ballers, entitled, “Heads Will Roll” the boys patience and maturity are put to the test. Ricky is tested again by his teammates. Charles’ marriage is tested by a groupie. Spencer and Jason’s patience is tested by Vernon and Reggie, and Joe test how much trouble he is willing to get […]

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Orange Is The New Black 308- “Fear, and Other Smells” Full Recap

July 13, 2015

In episode 308 on Orange Is The New Black, entitled, “Fear, and Other Smells”, we get to see more of Alex’s background and more of what she has been through. We also see that she has a valid reason to be paranoid. Daya has a heart, and it took guts to tell the truth. Norma’s […]

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Orange Is The New Black 307- “Tongue Tied” Full Recap

July 11, 2015

In episode 307 entitled, “Tongue Tied”, we gt to see Norma’s backstory. It was very interesting to see the life she led and the crime she committed that possibly led her to Litchfield prison. Gloria has a major breakdown, which ends up working out in Reds favor. Daya tried for the millionth time to have […]

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