One thought on “Empire S2 E12 Instant Cast”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I think this episode of Empire was mostly hilarious. When Hakeem put his leg on the desk the look the other two boys gave to Cookie while she gave him that crazy look. When Cookie popped Hakeem on the back of the head that was real and funny.

    The second lol moment was when Hakeem unveiled his new logo and put his face in the same position.

    The next lol moment is when Thirsty tries to show Cookie around her own place. She also told him that he could go back to being useless and stop wearing his grandfathers suits.

    The flash mob was a bit over the top.

    My heart did go out to Andre when I saw the look on his face after Cookie called him crazy. It was probably in the back of her mine because he has been acting a bit off since loosing the baby. His medication just needs to be tweaked.

    I feel the Pastor was saying God can handle everything like most Pastors say. I can’t wait to see what happens when they find out Andre’s vision was correct.

    It was also funny to see Hakeem struggle to lift Camilla and for Cookie to say so you made a sex tape Ray j.. Loved that song they song to Dre.

    How did Lucious get into Camilla’s place and was there long enough to record the entire thing. Plus he got there in a split second.

    Best Empire in a while for me.

    Thanks Guys

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