Empire S2 E11- “Death Will Have His Day” Recap

Empire is back! We re ready for the second have of this crazy show. The drama is still happening, the hot songs are still happening, and the scheming is still happening! we would to hear your feedback on the episodes, hit us up empire@theverdictsin.com

Thank you for listening!

One thought on “Empire S2 E11- “Death Will Have His Day” Recap”

  1. Thank you guys for doing this podcast. We welcome Empire back, just like you guys said it was a little over the top.

    I do believe Anika was the one that push Rhonda down stairs.

    I can see why the family came together even though Lucious is such a bad seed. Bottom line is Empire was a company started by Lucious and Cookie. Like a brother and sister they can compete against each other but they’re not going to let know one else take them down.

    We found out why Cookie told Rhonda and Dre they’re young and they can have others babies. She lost a baby girl before the birth of her boys. That sounds like another story line. I wonder when she will show up.

    Looking forward to the next episode.


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