Empire 317 “Toil and Trouble” Part 1 Recap

We enjoyed Cookie and her squad trying to pull off a casino heist “Ocean’s 11” style. The big question is… why is Giuliana trying to keep her out of Leviticus Vegas and what exactly is this spell Giuliana has over Lucious?

Gary and Nicole break down their favorite moments of “Toil and Trouble”, and also give their input about some questionable moments. Like, why haven’t Lucious looked into Diana Dubois? What secrets is Lucious’ mom, Leah Walker keeping?

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One thought on “Empire 317 “Toil and Trouble” Part 1 Recap”

  1. I thought this episode was an homage to the casino movies.

    The part about Hakeem thinking his baby was in Empire. Maybe they have a nursery for their employees.

    I thought it was a little over the top but that’s Empire.

    It was so funny when Leslie Uggams playing Leah Walker, Lucious mom switched the plates.

    Don’t you guys think that Hakeem and Groot from guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2 look just alike. They both are really angry! Just a thought.

    I do think the recap for next week show tells a lot, also.

    Celine Dion is big but she’s getting the money to stay in Vegas. Some Vegas stars are really big.

    Thanks guys!


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