Empire 210 Instant Cast “Et Tu Brute”

One thought on “Empire 210 Instant Cast “Et Tu Brute””

  1. Thank you guys for the great pod casting, Looking forward to listening to you’ll next season.

    I knew Anika was going to get rid of Rhonda’s baby because Rhonda keep telling her about how Lucious felt about the heir. I’m not a big Rhonda’s fan but that was awful what happen to her. I don’t think they’re going to write her off. It will probably change Andre for the worst.

    I also knew Mimi was going to take Lucious. I should be writing this show. I also knew Naomi(Camilla) was going to be her girlfriend/wife. I said what it be Camilla and the people watching with me couldn’t believe it when she actually walked up.

    I hope Lucious loose the award going against Jamal

    Hakeem stabbed Lucious in the back because he thought he should have gotten the award Freda got. Also Camilla promise him he would run the company. That’s the best way to hurt Lucious.

    Alicia Keys will end up pregnant. Why would she sleep with someone she knew was Guy? Well, it made Lucious happy! I guest she thought she could change him.

    I can’t believe Thirsty did that to that board member that was just nasty.

    Mimi got Lucious good when she recorded him saying he was going to get rid of all the board member that went against him.

    I knew something was going to happen with the stocks voting thing when Cookie decided not to go to something so important to see Da Brat.

    Love your podcast, you’ll are so funny sometime you’ll crack yourself up sometime.

    The best episode of this season


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