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103i- “Our Town, Our Law” Instant Cast

Gary and Nicole discuss the latest Wayward Pines episode, “Our Town, Our Law”. This is our first Wayward Pines instant cast. The episode was so good, we couldnt wait until tomorrow when we do our full recap.

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Wayward Pines Special Recap About Chad Hodge’s Q and A

Earlier today on, Chad Hodge, writer of the new hit series Wayward Pines, participated in a live q and a with his fans. We thought there were some pretty good questions asked, and the answers were even better.

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102- “Dont Discuss Your Life Before”

Gary and Nicole discuss the latest episode of the new FOX thriller/mystery, Wayward Pines, episode 2 entitled “Dont Discuss Your Life Before”. We enjoyed the episode more than we did the first one. We are getting to know the characters more and are learning how severe the consequences are if the rules are broken. Just like last week, this episode ended with us having more questions and wanting to see what happens next.

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101- “Where Paradise is Home”- Full Recap

Gary and Nicole recap the first episode of the new FOX thriller/mystery, “Wayward Pines”. We thought it was a solid first episode and are looking forward to finding out what Wayward Pines is really all about. We both agreed the characters were acting really weird, and the time difference is pretty cool as well. We made our predictions at the end of the episode on what we think this is really all about, and will revisit them at the end of this 10 episode series.

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Wayward Pines Podcast-Season 1 Preview

Gary and Nicole have watched several trailers, interviews, and has read several reviews on the new FOX thriller, Wayward Pines. Today we discuss what we think the show is going to be about and what we hope to see. If you have never seen the trailer or even heard of the show, no worries, we discuss everything you need to know to get you ready for the season premiere, Thursday May 14th @9pm est. We are really looking forward to seeing this all star cast, which includes- Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, Juliette Lewis, Melissa Leo, and Toby Jones. The show definitely had the feelings of Lost, Twin Peaks, Under the Dome, and Persons Unknown. We love a good mystery, especially when it turns out to not be the obvious. Make sure to catch the season premiere this Thursday.

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Wayward Pines Podcast- Let the Thrill Begin!

The Verdicts In is excited to cover our second show, Wayward Pines. It is an all new drama with an amazing cast, including Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard, and Juliette Lewis. The season premieres next Thursday, May 14th at 9pm est on Fox. At this time, we will not do an instant cast as we do with our Game of Thrones podcast, but we will cover a full recap of the show, and it will be available to listen to 48hrs after each episode.


Below is the trailer. Let us know what you think.

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