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315 & 316 Season Finale- Fear The Walking Dead Recap

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403 “Evil Manners” Empire Recap

We fell in LOVE with this episode!!! Jamal and Lucious relationship is everything at this moment. Hakeem is dropping straight fire and raising a daughter at the same damn time! Andre Martin Lyon has met his match with Pamela the NYPD detective. She’s making Empire hot and steamy!

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314 “El Matadero” Fear The Walking Dead Recap

Another great episode of Fear The Walking Dead. We lost an original cast member, but may have gained a new strong friend. Nick has fallen off the wagon and took Troy with him. Strand is up to no good, which can only lead to death.

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402 “Full Circle” Empire Recap

Lucious tries to get his memory back by meeting up with an old friend. Yet, that backfires when he hears more about his dirty past. Cookie takes charge of her and Lucious’ future by moving in his mansion and shaking things up at Empire. Jamal and Warren grow closer. Becky finally gets her dream job. Hakeem wants to revamp his style.

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313 “This Land Is Your Land” Fear The Walking Dead Recap

We enjoyed this episode. Alicia had to step up and do some horrible shit, but that’s what a good leader has to do. But where will she go? Will she ever come back to Madison?

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401 “Noble Memory” Empire Recap

Empire is back and we couldn’t be any more excited. Lucious still does not have his memory. Cookie is still selfish. Hakeem is still a brat. Andre is still trying to sit on the throne. Jamal is still in his feelings.

We look forward to the season and cant wait to discuss each episode.

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312 “Brothers Keeper” Fear The Walking Dead Recap

This was an intense, heart pounding episode. We didn’t know who would make it, all lives were on the line. As enjoyable as the episode was, we still have to call bullshit on Nick’s infatuation with Troy. It just doesn’t make any sense. Why does he feel the need to save him? Why did he put Troy’s life over Jake’s? We need answers, because that storyline is mind boggling.

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311 “La Serpiente” Fear The Walking Dead Recap

Madison puts her family’s future on the line for Victor Strand, but it ends up paying off.Daniel learns the truth about his daughter, but thinks she is better off without him.

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