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Although we only covered 1 season of the Netflix, this is a must watch. Leave your feedback on the current season!

303- “Empathy Is A Bone Killer” OITNB Full Recap

“Empathy Is A Bone Killer” is the third episode in season three of Orange Is The New Black. In this episode we lose a fan favorite. Taystee holds a memorial service for her lost books. Norma has a huge following. Angie and Leanne think Eminem is the face of rap. Daya is starting to loose hope that there will ever be a wedding, and the Piper/Alex story line is boring the shit out of us.


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Orange Is The New Black- 302- “Bed Bugs & Beyond” Full Recap

In this 2nd episode of the new season of Orange Is The New Black, entitled “Bed Bugs & Beyond” the inmates get a case of bed bugs. It is better than having crabs. This was another solid episode. We learn telling the truth verses telling a lie, may still get you into trouble. There were tons of metaphors in this episode, such as : heroin=candy, mother=bacon, vagina= soggy box, and artist=homo. Some of those were clearly offensive, while others were just weird. Gary and I did disagree on whether we think Bennett is a coward for turning his back on his unborn child, only time will tell.

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Orange Is The New Black 301- “Mother’s Day” Full Recap

Orange Is The New Black is back!!! The same drama, sorrow, and humor were all back for season 3, episode 1 “Mother’s Day“. We really enjoyed the episode, it had Gary and I feeling all types of emotions. I dont think we will ever look at Ranch Doritos or Mountain Dew the same after this season premiere. We were reminded to not mess with the voo doo or we will end up like Cedric Diggory, and some moms just ain’t shit.

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Orange Is The New Black- Season 1 and 2 Recap

We decided to do a season 1 and 2 recap before we start the new season of Orange Is The New Black. We plan on watching two episodes each week and recording a break down of each scene in the episode. OITNB is an entertaining show, filled with woman of different cultures and backgrounds, and we enjoy watching it.

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Orange is The New Black Podcast- Season 3

We are excited to announce that Orange Is The New Black will be our newest addition to the shows we cover. The third season will premiere with 14 new episodes available to binge watch on Friday June 12th on Netflix. Over the next two weeks Gary and I will release season 1 and 2 recap as well as a series of short podcast on some of our favorite characters. We were hoping to have full coverage of season 1 and 2, but with season 3 just a few weeks away, we will have to start our full coverage with season 3. We will release two episodes every Saturday evening, and you can send all feedback, comments and questions to When sending your emails in, please label which episode you are discussing in the subject line. We are big fans of this show and look forward to discussing this amazing show with you all. In the mean time, you can watch the trailer for Orange Is The New Black below .