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Empire 308 “The Unkindest Cut” Recap

Gary and Nicole give their thoughts on S3. E8 “The Unkindest Cut”.

Andre and Nessa are the new Bonnie and Clyde of Empire.

Jamal is going at Lucious once again with a diss record, but Lucious gives Jamal a taste of his own medicine. He lets everyone know the real deal behind Frank Gathers’ murder!

Hakeem is back on team Tiana. I guess he need a quick rebound!

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Empire 306 “Chimes At Midnight” Recap

This week on Empire, “Chimes At Midnight”, The Empire gets hacked. Cookie’s cookie is a part of the leak. Hakeem still has feelings for Nessa. Angelo shows his support for Cookie. Andre is officially on the dark side, and Becky has been played for the last time.

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Empire 305 “One Before Another” Recap

We discuss the latest episode of Empire, “One Before Another”. We see Jamal and Hakeem collaborate on a song together, which quickly goes astray. Lucious is still up to his Lucious ways. Cookie an Angelo get closer. Becky is on the edge of leaving Empire, and Tiana is finally given some good music, but it is quickly taken away.

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Empire 304- “Cupid Kills” Recap

On the latest episode of Empire, “Cupid Kills” we see Andre is starting to come back to his old self. He even manages to sign a new client. Jamal is still having trouble with his ptsd. Tiana clapsback at Hakeem, and Cookie and Angelo become closer.

We will be back after the world series. 

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Empire 303 “What Remains Is Bestial” Recap

Empire is not backing down from discussing social issues, and we love it. Although we can all agree Lucious is a horrible father, he speaks truth to his sons. We look at domestic violence, growing up black, and how to succeed in America, while staying true to who you are.

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Empire 302 “Sin That Amends” Recap

In the latest episode of Empire “Sin That Amends”, we see Lucious pull out all the tops to win back Cookie’s love. He even has Biz Markie come and sing his never going out of style song “Just A Friend”. Hakeem works on a new hot song with Nessa, but of course Shine is there to block it from going anything past business. Jamal has found a new organization to help as he works through his PTSD. If loosing his wife and baby was not enough, Andre is assaulted and arrested by the police.

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301 “Light In Darkness” Empire Recap

We discuss the season three premiere of Empire, “Light In Darkness”. We are looking forward to the season and will do instant recaps only of each episode. 

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Empire 301 “Light In Darkness” Instant Cast

Empire is back and it deserves a standing ovation!

Nicole and Gary give their instant thoughts of the 1st episode of the 3rd season.

The music was great, the story line was great, and the acting was spectacular!

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Empire Season 2 Recap/Season 3 Preview

We discuss the big points that happened in season two of Empire, and what we look forward to seeing in season three.

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218 Empire “Past Is Prologue” Full Recap

Empire’€™s season finale “€œPast Is Prologue” was a solid episode. Not great, but it’€™s just enough to get us back next season.

We get so much in this finale; Jamal’€™s home coming party, Anika’€™s suicide attempt, and the dramatic fight scene between Anika and Rhonda to close the episode.

We also get a few story changes; the biggest one being… who killed Luscious’ father?

This finale showers us with beautiful music only Empire can deliver!

Please join us as we give our thoughts on the unique Empire season finale.

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