413 “Of Hardiness Is Mother” Empire Review

April 21, 2018

We discuss the latest episode of Empire “Of Hardiness Is Mother”. Hakeem has an awesome rap battle. Tiana is acting like a diva. Jamal seeks a new audience to give his music props, and Cookie wants to move forward. If you would like to be apart of the podcast, hit us up- empire@theverdictsin.com Thank you […]

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412 “Sweet Sorrow” Empire Recap

April 14, 2018

We recap Empire, “Sweet Sorrow”. Becky finally tells J-Poppa her big secret. Andre does some digging into Eddie’s business plans, and Cookie has to learn to take care of herself and put her work away. We would love to hear from you, hit us up- empire@theverdictsin.com Thank you for listening!  

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411 “Without Apology” Empire Recap

April 7, 2018

We discuss the latest episode of Empire, “Without Apology”. Andre confesses to Lucious, but will they ever be able to have an relationship. Tiana puts her relationship with Hakeem aside in order to advance her career, but will she end up being a victim? Becky still hasn’t told J-Poppa the big news. We would love […]

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410 “Birds In The Cage” Empire Recap

March 31, 2018

Empire is back! But will the Lyon’s be able to move on? Lucious was able to defeat his psycho doctor, but another enemy awaits. Andre is almost finish with therapy, but will he ever be ok? Jamal is trying to come to terms with killing someone, will he turn to drugs to help cope? We […]

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409 “Slave to Memory” Empire Recap

December 16, 2017

The Empire strikes back! The Dubois has their hands full when the Lyons decide to crash their Captains Ball. Warren steps up to the plate and gives Jamal some information on Anika. Andre may not ever be the same, after what Diana did to him. Lucious gets a big surprise when an old acquaintance emerges. […]

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408 “Cupid Painted Blind” Empire Recap

December 9, 2017

Complete shocker!!!! Empire has outdone themselves with “Cupid Painted Blind”. This episode gave us a “Fight Club” and “Mr Robot” feeling. Trai Byers (Andre Lyon) gave us an all star performance. We cannot wait for the next episode! Thank you for listening to our Empire”The Fool” podcast, we really appreciate all of you! We would […]

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407 “The Lady Doth Protest” Empire Recap

December 2, 2017

This week the Empire employees go on strike. Although they never mentioned what their demands were, the strike quickly came to an end. Jamal learns the truth about Warren and he pays for it big time. Andre gets closer with his girlfriend, who we are sure is setting him up. We would love to hear […]

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406 “Fortune Be Not Crost” Empire Recap

November 19, 2017

Hakeem and Anika are in a custody battle, that looks more like a celebrity murder trial of the year. Fans and media are lined up across the courthouse with free Bella T-shirts. Diana Dubois is Anika’s secret weapon and her statement is very damaging for the Lyons. This could be the beginning of the end […]

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405 “The Fool” Empire Recap

November 11, 2017

Word is out about Lucious’ memory, and TMZ couldn’t wait to talk about it. In order to keep the CEO spot, Cookie tries to convince the board that Lucious hasn’t lost his touch. Angelo warns Jamal about Warren, but Jamal is so blinded by love he didn’t want to believe Warren would betray him. Lucious […]

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404 “Bleeding War” Empire Recap

October 21, 2017

Thank you for listening to our Empire”Bleeding War” podcast, we really appreciate all of you! We would love to hear your feedback, hit us up at empire@theverdictsin.com  

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