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Empire 318 “Toil & Trouble” Part 2 Recap

Gary and Nicole recap the crazy, explosive, over the top season finale of Empire, “Toil and Trouble”. As always, our favorite parts of the episode was the music.

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Empire 317 “Toil and Trouble” Part 1 Recap

We enjoyed Cookie and her squad trying to pull off a casino heist “Ocean’s 11” style. The big question is… why is Giuliana trying to keep her out of Leviticus Vegas and what exactly is this spell Giuliana has over Lucious? 

Gary and Nicole break down their favorite moments of “Toil and Trouble”, and also give their input about some questionable moments. Like, why haven’t Lucious looked into Diana Dubois? What secrets is Lucious’ mom, Leah Walker keeping?

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Empire 316 “Absent Child” Recap

Gary and Nicole recap the latest episode of Empire, “Absent Child”. We see Andre struggling with his mental illness, we don’t know what he may do next. Hakeem and Anika are on an emotional rollercoaster with the baby Bella missing. Cookie make a big mistake which could easily land her back in jail. Lucious and Jamal work together, and we now know who has baby Bella, but could Lucious’ mom have been involved?

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Empire 315 “Civil Hands Unclean” Recap

“Civil Hands Unclean” was a great episode! It was full of emotions. We finally see the Lyon’s put their differences aside and decide to work together as a family. Now that Bella was taken by Child Protective Services, we will see how long the Lyon unity last. The question on everyone’s mind is WHO had Bella taken?? 

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Empire 314 “Love Is A Smoke” Recap

With only two more episode left in the season we cant wait to see how everyone’s story will end. Cookie broke Angelo’s heart and now the Lyon’s have a new enemy to watch out for. Lucious found love in an old flame. Andre is ready to go to war with his dad, and Jamal may lose a friend by doing the right thing. This was another drama filled, explosive music episode of Empire. We really enjoyed “Love Is A Smoke” and look forward to hearing more music from Tory Ash.

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Empire 313 “My Naked Villainy” Recap

Gary and Nicole recap the latest episode of Empire, “My Naked Villainy”. We enjoyed the episode and the direction that Empire is seeming to go with social responsibility. However, we also think the first step in adjusting social problems is by starting with ones self and going from there.

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Empire 311 “Play On” Recap

Nicole and Gary recap Empire 311,  “Play On”. Andre’s plan to murder his father continues as he makes a new alliance. Hakeem wants Tiana to get to know Bella more. Angelo is back in the arms of Cookie, and Anika is back in the arms of Lucious…until she has to leave. Jamal has a new boo, but what does this mean for D-Major?

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Empire 310 “Sound & Fury” Recap

Empire is back and we love it! Lucious and Cookie are fighting and kissing. Tiana and Nessa are fighting, and Becky is trying to work out her battles as well. 

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