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The Hit HBO Series, Starring Dwayne Johnson as a NFL agent.

Ballers 104- “Heads Will Roll” Full Recap

In this weeks episode of Ballers, entitled, “Heads Will Roll” the boys patience and maturity are put to the test. Ricky is tested again by his teammates. Charles’ marriage is tested by a groupie. Spencer and Jason’s patience is tested by Vernon and Reggie, and Joe test how much trouble he is willing to get in with his boss, in order to sign a new client.


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Ballers -103 “Move The Chains” Full Recap

In the latest episode of the new HBO series, Ballers Spencer throws a party. We get to see just how crazy these ballers can get. Ricky is having an inappropriate relationship that he doesn’t want to end. Charles is depressed and wants to get back in the game. Vernon gives in to peer pressure. Joe gets too comfortable and uses the wrong word. Spencer is slowing slipping, he lost his cool and he appears to have a serious addiction. Reggie is still an asshole.


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Ballers- 102- “Raise Up” Full Recap

In the second episode of the new HBO series, Ballers, we get to know the characters a little more. Ricky makes it to practice on time, but faces anomosity from one of his new team mates. Charles makes his first sale, but may be missing football more than he cares to let on. Spencer is broke, but is keeping his head high. Vernon finally listens to Spencer’s spill and signs the authorization forms for him to become his financial manager. Oh, and Reggie is an asshole.


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Ballers -101- “Pilot” Full Recap

We thought the pilot episode of the new HBO series, Ballers is started off with a bang. It has the feel of Entourage, but with a whole new flavor. We are digging the cast and are looking forward to covering this new series.


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