One thought on “American Crime S2 E6- Full Recap”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Sorry I was wrong about saying Nate rapped Taylor but this story line is meant to shock and take us in another direction.

    I kind of agree with you Nicole saying the principle should have called in the parents of the suspended student. Normally they do release the kids to their parents. I don’t know if this is about the tv show or what?

    I was really shocked by Eric’s mom comments. I mean did she ever love him? She wish he would have died when he overdosed so he could be remember as a boy. And the mother saying they can’t go back to church which they didn’t really go to anyway. She is the one teaching her other son about being homophobic.

    Leslie the principle thinks she can spin the school out of anything “she’s a spin doctor”. I think she went to far with the gay report, if she wanted to go that route she should have call any report to interview him. I think Eric made the right choose not to go through with the interview if he didn’t feel the things the reported wanted him to say . I think Eric loves basketball and he wants things to go back the way it use to be but things will never be the same.

    And lastly, Kelvin knows what he was saying to his team mates. I knew what he was telling them to do to him because he was a boy like them and not a girl so it was ok to mess him up. He feels like he’s the only one in trouble and Taylor’s mom keep coming for him.

    Like Greg said everyone is trying to protect their own.

    Thank you guys, it was great!

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