American Crime S2 E5- Full Recap

In this weeks episode of American Crime, Eric and Taylor tell their version of what happened that night. Is it possible that both boys are telling the truth? We also see Kevin still concerned about his fate. Principal Graham’s gala goes off without a hitch, and Dan and his wife has a disagreement about their future involvement with the school. This was another great episode, and we here at The Verdicts In are in a disagreement about what happened the night of the party. 

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One thought on “American Crime S2 E5- Full Recap”

  1. Hi Guys,

    I think it’s much more than the eyes can see. At this point they could’ve stopped the show when they found out Taylor text Kelvin asking for sex. But it’s more secrets to come.

    Gary, I agree with the fact that Taylor is a liar but I believe like Nicole, that he knew he had sex but he didn’t realize how bad it was until he saw the pictures and things started slowly coming back. I do believe he was drugged. And why would Eric ask Kelvin to invite him instead of doing it himself? I think Kelvin and some of his team mate had something to do with drugging him as a joke. Eric planned on getting with him anyway.

    I think Taylor mom is going to suing the school. I also think Taylor had some kind of relationship with the guy in the school bathroom because he had his phone number and he’s thing about him.

    Sorry to say this because it’s sad but in the end I think one or both will end up taking their lives. Thing are going to be totally different for Eric when he gets back to school. So sad I feel like crying thinking about it.

    Well I look forward to the next episode.

    Thanks so much for doing these podcast. I really enjoy the different views.


    Can wait to see what’s going to happen this week.

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