Atlanta, GA

How did you come up with your name?

The Verdicts In was actually not my first choice. I really liked the name “Bad Decision”, however that website was already taken. I chose bad decision, because most of the shows I watch, the characters always make bad decisions. Not to mention, it just sounded cool, so I had wanted it. The Verdicts In came about, by just playing around with names I liked. I pulled out my handy thesaurus, and looked up synonyms for decisions, and verdict was one of them. I played around with that for a few minutes, and came up with our name.

Our Story

I have always been a fan of tv and movies. If someone asked what my hobby was, I would say tv and movies. My family actually called me the “walking tv guide” when I was young, because I knew what shows came on each day and time, nobody had to look it up in the tv guide….yes, people actually use to look at a paper/magazine called a “TV Guide” to find out what was on tv for that week. Gary is a fan of movies and tv as well, he just doesn’t get obsessed with them like I do. Gary and I met almost 11 years ago, fell in love, got married, and had kids (not necessarily in that order). I started listening to podcast in the spring of 2014, and immediately became obsessed. I completely stopped listening to the radio, and just followed different host discussing my favorite shows each day to my long commute to work. By the fall, I was set on starting up my own podcast. I started doing tons of research on “how to start your own podcast” and what equipment was needed, etc. I then realized I needed a co-host, and that’s when Gary reluctantly agreed to host with me. By the time we were ready, Walking Dead season 5 was already in the middle of the season, and one of my next favorite shows didn’t start until April. This is how Game of Thrones came to be the first show we covered, and hopefully it will be the first of many.

A little about us

Nicole Clark

Nicole lives in the Atlanta Metro Area with her hubby and two kids.

I love going to the movies, watching tv, talking about tv, and sleeping.

Gary Clark

Live in the Atlanta Metro Area with his beautiful wife and two kids.

Gary enjoys shooting videos. His passion is movie production.