701i “Dragonstone” Instant Cast- Game Of Thrones

What an amazing first episode of season seven! The Stark family once again runs the north and The Mother of Dragons is coming full force to take it all. Arya think she is ready to take on the Queen of the Iron Throne, but only time will tell.

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One thought on “701i “Dragonstone” Instant Cast- Game Of Thrones”

  1. Hi guy’s,

    I’m so happy that the GoT is back.

    I loved the beginning I was like didn’t Arya Stark kill Walter Frey at the end of the last season and I just saw it on the previews. It took me a minute to get it. I think when she said I know we just had a feast but I’m calling you back in the same night for another. And like you said Nicole, you brave men killed a pregnant women and a women with five children…

    Sansa Stark is stringing Little Finger along until she can use him for something bigger. She knows he wants her and she likes it.

    Yes, Samwell has the crapes job the library is the last point of memory so they are doing studies, research, keeping note and doing autopsies. They may even find the cure for Jorah Mormont, greyscale. So he can get with his first love Daenerys.

    Sandor Clegane appears to be growing a heart.

    The group of soldiers Arya Stark ran into was so nice I thought the channel accidently turned. To see Ed Sheeran there kind of took me out of the GoT, and when was the last time you’ve seen Arya Starks smile. It seem like it was placed there. I didn’t like it!

    So, it looks like they will have to go thru the Dragon Queen to get the dragon glass.

    Thanks Guy’s

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