610i “The Winds of Winter” Instant Cast- Game of Thrones

Awesome season finale!!! 

Jon Snow is now the King of The North, and we couldn’t be more happier!

The Starks are once again on the rise! They are not taking any prisoners. Down goes the Freys, the Boltons and Karstarks. The Iron Throne is the next stop!

Cersei loses even when she wins. Not one child left to carry on her legacy, or should I say the Baratheon legacy??

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2 thoughts on “610i “The Winds of Winter” Instant Cast- Game of Thrones

  1. The High Sparrow was a tyrant but I was sad to see Margaery and her family die. Cersei think Margaery’s whole family was there she has know ideal her grandmother was told to stay home. With the help of the ladies from Dorn she will do big things I so love her grandmother shes so funny. I thought Margaery had a plan to but I guess it was to trust the High Sparrow to let them go.

    Jon Snow couldn’t kill Melisandre because she did bring him back to life. I think even though he hates what she did he wanted to give her a second chance. How can you kill someone that brought you back to life.

    I think Tyrion’s in love sorry Nicole just not with you, with Daenerys. I think he will serve her well as her hand. It’s so sad to see all of the women hearts turn to stone.

    Arya got her revenge on Walter Fray and his sons. It was a piece missing out of that meat pie. Do you think he was eating them. Arya has a stone cold heart to.

    What can I say about Jon Snow died last season and at the end of this season he’s a king. Little Finger is pissed!

    Great episode, can’t wait for next season.

    The women of the Game of Thrones took over this season. The season of the Women.

    Thank you Gary and Nicole you made it fun.

  2. In the Line of succession Stannis would have been next in line then his daughter. But since she was barbequed Rennly would have been next but….!
    John snow is Dany’s nephew. She had two older brother Reyagar (John father) and the dude that received the golden shower! Episode 10 was a great payoff! It’s almost as if there was a reset back too the end of season 1. All new monarchs popping up in north, south.
    Love the podcast

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