610 “The Winds of Winter” Game of Thrones- Recap

After the second watch, it is confirmed that this episode was AMAZING!!!

While Gary is convinced R+L=J means Rhaegar + Lyanna =Jon. Nicole is still questioning the R.

If Rhaegar is Jon’s father, does this make Daenerys his aunt??? Sorry everyone who was waiting on this love connection.

The women of Game of Thrones are kicking ass and taking numbers! With Cersei now the queen of the seven kingdoms, this put the women at the top of the food chain!


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3 thoughts on “610 “The Winds of Winter” Game of Thrones- Recap”

  1. Ok guys about Dani, I think that she and Jon Snow will be engaged to get married. Just as the person officiating the wedding says”you may kiss the bride” then Bran pops up and say no, no, oh no you can’t! You’re brother and sister.

    You guys are great! You should podcast the Bible.

    I’ll listen for you next year.

  2. Not to be too graphic…but if they “took the stones and left the pillar” then things would still be a “go”.

  3. Dany looks so tiny on the back of Drogon! I’ll actually be heading over to northern Ireland to check out some of the filming sites when S7 premieres, so my geeky happiness is in complete overdrive right now.

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