605i Game of Thrones “The Door” Instant Cast

605i Game of Thrones “The Door” is Golden Globe worthy!

This episode had us on the edge of our seats with our mouths wide open.

We find out Brandon Stark is not quite invisible in his visions, and Hodor pays the ultimate price.

The White Walkers back story was incredible… I guess the job of a protector is never done!

Tyrion is making improvements in Meereen, so we think. We will record our full recap Tuesday night. We would love to hear from you.



Thank you for listening.

One thought on “605i Game of Thrones “The Door” Instant Cast”

  1. Hi Guys,

    The Game of Thrones was absolutely awesome!

    Of course Theon’s uncle was going to kill him and his Sister. His sister said her first acted as Queen is to kill him.

    Arya got her butt kicked! And yes they were trying to make Arya mad and mess up for the third time.


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