602- Game of Thrones “Home” Full Recap

In this weeks episode of Game of Thrones, entitled “Home”, we finally get to see what Bran has been up to. Just like Bran, we were very excited to see life in Winterfell from the past, and wanted to stay longer as well. His sister Sansa is safe with Brienne, but will she stay safe during and after her travels to Castle Black? Theon decides to leave her in the safety of Brienne and go back home, but where is home to Theon? We had a few fallen Lords this week, with one being Balon Greyjoy, by his own brother, and the other being Roose Bolton, by his own bastard. Is Ramsey over his head? Are his days numbered? We can only hope so. The most surprising part of the night in addition to Tyrion being a dragon whisperer,  was Jon Snow’s epic return. We cant wait to see what he has to say to his brothers.

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